Let this be my first official entry about the Sarimanok.PH Philippine Arts, Design & Culture website. I didn’t want to start designing Sarimanok.PH until AFTER I’ve gotten hold of Paolo Lazatin’s illustrations for papavik, skysenshi & the sarimanok itself (whom we’ve yet to name.)

Here are the original looks. My hair was kind of difficult to distinguish at first and Cris’s renowned tail (she’s quite known to be the Star Wars fanatic) wasn’t here yet.

Paolo Lazatin’s original depictions of papavik, sarimanok & skysenshi

Then I chose an existing template. I just needed something simple and clean because I only planned on using the template’s skeleton. I remember spending wonderful hours on WordPress back end a couple of years ago and I was looking forward to tweaking everything (from the CSS down to the inner PHP files). Alas! WordPress had changed so much in the past year that I haven’t used it. Everything seems to be on the front end now. The template I chose, Mystique by digitalnature, was written so well (it had its own visual control panel, good gawd!) that I was exasperated. I told myself, “Dang! What am I going to do now besides create a masthead and a few icons? T_T”

digitalnature original mystique template

digitalnature’s original Mystique Template

In the end, I didn’t do much designing. I only came up with 4 versions of that masthead (whose height bothered me for a couple of days) and then changed a few icons. I was supposed to touch the side bars to make this site look totally different from how digitalnature originally designed it but after a few attempts, I finally decided to leave the side bars be. digitalnature already did a good job with it anyway.

What you’re seeing now is Sarimanok version 1.0. This is what I ended up with:

Sarimanok Version 1.0

It doesn’t quite sit well with me that majority of the site’s components weren’t designed by yours truly. I do have my designer’s pride. But I guess collaboration isn’t such a bad thing.



As of April 2013, papavik and I have decided to part ways. Since the site’s identity and overall theme was mine, I am adapting the old design temporarily for my main portfolio site.