The (Sarimanok.PH) site’s domain name has been up since the 28th of May, but it’s only now that I’ve started posting. And I’m only doing this so that I don’t have to see the omnipresent “Hello, World!” The illustrations are finally done, thanks to Paolo Lazatin. Such a great artist, really. Vector illustration isn’t really my and Cris’s specialty, so Pao was a much needed part of this design endeavor. Now all that remains is for my left and right brain hemispheres to finally agree on how that masthead should look like. (I’m actually just waiting for Cris so that she can offer her opinion.) Plus, a few more icons to finish. Cris plans to come up with her own animated illustrations after this…

I’ve got about 3 blog entries waiting to be written aaaaand…well, portfolio stuff waiting to be transferred from my old free site. I want to transfer everything here because I’m not too keen on Google Site’s limitations. I want to post my old designs, not as JPGs but how they actually looked like in their HTML glory. (The oldest website I created was way back in 1997.)

Furthermore, Cris wants to build a container for her demo reels. I thought using all those free sites would limit her again, so I’m urging her to transfer her animation shorts here.

Well, that’s it for now. Hopefully I’d be done with the design this weekend so that Cris and I can concentrate on populating this site. In the meantime, I shall stare at Pao’s cutie icons till I figure out what to do with them.

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