PROJECT NAME: The (Kraiders) Otaku Fridge
SINCE: May 18, 1997

Otaku Fridge Version 1999 Click to view actual contents.

Where it all began. This was the very first website I have ever created way way back in 1997. I only knew I wanted to create a web page but since my interests were diverse, I decided to make this one a collective site on anime, video games, literature, music, and FOOD. It also featured me and my cousins (we are now known as “the senshi”). Years passed and its different sections  spun off (and re-merged, LOL). The video game section became officially Disc13 and the anime section became officially Anime Okashi, which used to be run by my cousin Firesenshi. The music site became Coolay but then that got merged with in 2010.

Otaku Fridge Version 2001 Click to view actual contents.

I have no idea which version I’m currently using (v. 2001 is probably the 6th), since I never kept track of my designs back then—not that they were worth keeping track of in the first place. I mean, c’mon! Back in 1997, there were no style sheets, no complicated table structuring, no splitty image techniques. The default HTML codes were mostly composed of codes were mostly composed of <center>, <p>, <br>, <hr>, <h1> and updating links were a pain. And we thought putting MIDIs on our pages were “wicked kewl”.

Why “Kraiders”? The original name of the site went from Kitchen Raiders’ Refrigerator (because we loved raiding Icesenshi’s fridge), to Kraiders Otaku Vault, to Kraiders Otaku Fridge. Oh and yeah…and the GeoCities site would still be alive had GeoCities remained open. Yahoo closed it down last year. Today, the “Kraiders” has been dropped from the name.

In December 2004, Anime Okashi and Disc13 were merged and are now back under the umbrella of Otaku Fridge once again. This was originally designed by Firesenshi for Okashi and I used that layout — albeit slightly modified — to fit the merger. I still managed the site.

Otaku Fridge Version 2004 Firesenshi's Design, which I modified

In 2007, the plain HTML files were converted into WordPress, which sort of made my head hurt (there were more than 1,000 files). But I enjoyed tinkering with WordPress so much that I didn’t mind the transfer. That design was based on an existing template by Phobus and I had commissioned a friend, Michael Santos (a regular Otaku Fridge community member), to work on a cat girl mascot for the site. I revised a lot of the template’s major skeleton and toyed with the PHP and CSS. Features-wise, this was the best incarnation of The Otaku Fridge. I had installed a rating system, contribution was easy etc.

This was a grand time for me, as WordPress was still not as user-friendly as it is now. I dove into the code and modified many of the scripts and plugins. *Sigh* Now everything’s WYSIWYG.

Otaku Fridge Version 2007Powered by WordPress

In January 2010, The Otaku Fridge was transferred to Blogger for economic reasons. I unearthed Firesenshi’s design again and used it to inspire a new layout that would adjust to Blogger’s own template. I kept Firesenshi’s mascot but hired another illustrator, former Asia Pacific College student Jedidiah Dumawal to come up with a new cat girl. From there, I executed the new design.

Otaku Fridge Version 2010Powered by Blogger

UPDATE 12.17.2010:

The Otaku Fridge became a finalist for the Entertainment Category of the Philippine Blog Awards 2010.

Philippine Blog Awards 2010 Badge

UPDATE 04.18.2011:

The Otaku Fridge won at the 12th Philippine Web Awards.

12th Philippine Web Awards

12th Philippine Web Awardee

UPDATE 12.18.2011:

The Otaku Fridge bagged Best Gaming Blog at the Philippine Blog Awards 2011.


Philippine Blog Awards 2011 Winner