Project Name: Turbulence – Skysenshi@TheRacetrack
Since: August 3, 1997

Turbulence Version 1999
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After my cousin Firesenshi came up with a shrine to the feisty warrior of flame, SailorMars, I thought that perhaps it was time to create my own shrine for my favorite warrior of the wind and the sky, SailorUranus. If you’re wondering, these are characters from the anime Bishoujo Senshi SailorMoon. Yes, yes, I’m weird. Tell me something I don’t know.

This site flourished for two years. Back then, getting 40 unique index views a day was a big deal for shrinemakers who were catering to a very limited set of visitors. Plus, we’d have to consider how many (or few) people were going online at that time. The site itself is massive—very big for something whose subject is a single anime character.

Later, I became a Yahoo!Geocities community leader and eventually a suburb liasion for Geocities Tokyo (Turbulence’s original URL format in the days before Yahoo took over was Because I was helping out Geocities and HTML newbies, I also incorporated a tutorial section in here. Turbulence has won me various HTML-related awards, including the most coveted Yahoo!Geocities Featured Page and the Yahoo!Geocities Community Leader of the Month award.

Nearly none of the pages inside Turbulence are identical. Whenever I would create a new section, it would always have a different look because I believed that I was expressing myself both in words and in designs.

Alas, I have so many versions of that site but I didn’t keep track of them too. The only one remaining is the very last layout I did of it, right before I abandoned the project. I do have a memorial for Turbulence’s growth that documents some of the older designs.