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Disc13 Version 3

Disc13 spun off from the video game wing of the Kraiders Otaku Fridge. This full-blown gaming site started off concentrating on PlayStation games alone. When the PS2 came out and we (my cousins and I) we decided to encompass all the other platforms. If you notice, I only have here versions 3 and 4. This is because the very first site design was done by my cousin Firesenshi and you will find the study on her site, Ditto with version 2. V.1 made it to the finals of the Philippine Web Awards in 2000. V.4 made it to the 2002 semi-finals.


Disc13 Version 4

I’d like to share a memorable incident during the 2000 awards night. An unaware VJ who read the name of the winner under the “Recreation” category mistakenly announced the name of a rip-off site. Easy mistake since this rip-off site happened to also have a name similar to the one who actually deserved to win. So the poor real winner sat back in shock as he saw the one who ripped him off climb up the stage and take his award. The next day, the Philippine Daily Inquirer reported—on two separate articles, no less—TWO different outcomes. Of course, the committee didn’t want to look like a bunch of complete ninnies so they “graciously” swallowed the rip-off as the winner. Ah…I love scandals! (Oh, and did I mention Disc13 was also under that category, grouped along with sports and gambling sites?)

UPDATE: Disc13 has returned to its former location as of December 2004. It is now once again a part of The Otaku Fridge.