PROJECT NAME: Granulomata
SINCE: September 17, 2003

Granulomata Version 0

Another x-deal. I was looking for a suitable free host for Hentai Neko (dot)Net because the old host has become unreliable. The owner of Granulomata, Allan Hsu, saw my designs and liked them, especially Coolay and Hentai Neko. He then proposed that I design one of his websites in return for bannerless hosting on his site.

The first version I came up with (v.0) had to be altered, the results of which was v.1. Allan Hsu didn’t like anime women; preferring to feature male anime characters on his site. That’s how version 1 came to be.

Granulomata Version 1.0

I stayed only three weeks on his host as it was always down. It wasn’t actually his fault, but I couldn’t afford downtimes on Hentai Neko or Hentai Neko (dot)Net, since these two are my meatiest personal projects. I compromised by giving him the design, complete with instructions on how to update it and make it run. Plus I spread good word about its existence. I guess the host did it in. x_x