SINCE: April 21, 2004

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I suppose I should thank my addiction to Ragnarok Online for the chance to work for Level Up! Inc., the official licensee of Ragnarok Online in the Philippines. It was because of my addiction to the game, and a Hentai Neko fan’s friendship, that got me picked for the first batch of official bug testers. After that bug testing episode, I later applied for the position of Game Scriptwriter. My job was to localize the Korean scripts so that Filipinos could better understand the game. The pay wasn’t much (it was actually less than half of what I used to get before I entered LU), but it was a job I truly enjoyed. 3 months later, I was promoted to Gameplay Specialist.

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This RO Diary was a personal project of mine. I was so in love with the characters I created in-game that I roleplayed as these characters and recorded their adventures onto this diary. I had to say goodbye to these characters, however, because there were restrictions placed on LU employees. This is, of course, to prevent us from getting entangled in favoritism issues.

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Character images used are from the official Gravity artworks and are utilized in all of Level Up’s marketing collaterals.