SINCE: April 30, 2003

Kasal ATBP

My agent gave me this project. The site was based in the Philippines but the clients weren’t exactly Filipinos. I suppose it was some sort of directory/search engine/portal for married people. I actually think the concept is great and innovative. I mean, a search engine for married and soon-to-be-married couples? It also has a directory of suppliers and an interactive message board.

The main focus of the site was the message board where wedding suppliers and potential clients could communicate and update their information. Wedding suppliers could post promos and special offers where clients bid. It didn’t quite take off, however, since it seemed like such a strange concept at that time.

The reason why the v.1 mock-up seems so raw and without content is because the site was database driven. I couldn’t quite capture the entire thing so I just made do with the template that I did before content was placed into it.