SINCE: December 2005

Planet Biyo: Click image to view website.

Dr. Josette Biyo won the Intel Excellence in Teaching award in the US, besting over 4,000 candidates from all over the world. She was honored by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Lincoln Laboratory, USA by having a minor planet between Mars and Jupiter named after her.

While I was working on this project, I had to read snippets of Dr. Biyo’s book and I must say, I was truly inspired by it. I am a newbie to the academe, having only donned the professor’s cap last January 2006. Reading her book made me thoroughly evaluate how I truly feel about this profession. It’s not easy, but she makes it seem like a truly fulfilling task. Teaching is a lot of fun, but it’s a calling that I understood only when I realized that I had this bizarre love for the academe—both as a student and as a professor.

I would very much like to travel Dr. Biyo’s path, although I doubt I have the aptitude to teach high school students. I think that would require superhuman capabilities.