PROJECT NAME: Shadow Guru’s RODiary
SINCE: February 25, 2005

GM Sora’s Blog (Shadow Guru): Click on image to view full website.

This was my second RO Diary, also a personal endeavor like the first, even though this one was related to my job. Unlike the first, which was based on my personal Ragnarok Online account’s in-game characters, this one was based on my GM (Game Master) character Sora. GM Sora was known originally as GM Soraneko in Sakray Server, and GM Shadow Guru at the Ragnaboards.

Stories of Adventure

Here are some of GM Sora’s interesting adventures. I saved about three of them, along with the comments. Notice that most of the links are broken. I’m just keeping them there for archiving purposes:

My immediate supervisor then, GM Silvermaine, thought that my GM’s roleplaying blog was a good idea and we at the Product Development department began talking about maintaining GM blogs.

Loving My Job

This diary was borne out of my love for my work and my workplace. LUG is like most other companies; it wasn’t perfect and it had its share of politics. But I loved the place more because of the nature of my work and the hilarious things going on inside the company that made the long commute to and from the place worth it. You can’t avoid stress, but I loved every minute of it. I loved facing a new challenge everyday. Every hurdle was something to laugh at, not something to despair about. Every annoying person was somebody to understand, not despise. I realized, while working here, that flexibility was the key. Almost everything I learned in school and everything I learned from being the Behavioral Studies Society’s chairperson, I applied here. Including being humbled by the nature of my work. I had advanced in age, but this was one place where I felt most like a fresh grad (besides the fact that the salary is that of a fresh grad’s, which was compensated by my love for what I did).

My newfound attitude at work (less bitching, more multi-tasking) was reflected in how I behaved in-game. You’ll find here not what goes on in the real world, but what goes on as I patrol (in stealth mode) the world of Ragnarok. It was fun while it lasted. If I didn’t have to retrace my path, and if weren’t for a couple of life-altering events, I would’ve stayed longer…