PROJECT NAME: Swity Family
SINCE: September, 2003

Swity Family: Click to view website.

The Siasoco – Oblego Nuptial site. Ooh, this was another fun site I had to make. The second wedding website among my list of projects. This was actually a wedding gift to Mark and Tet Siasoco, who got married on my mother’s birthday (September 27, 2003).

They’re really such a cute and mushy couple. You’ll see mush all over the site, but it’s the kind that makes you go, “Aw!” I based Swity Family’s look from their wedding motif, which was lilac/lavender. The only part of the motif that I didn’t add into the website were the Precious Moments (I didn’t quite know where they fit in), those figurines with teardrop-shaped eyes that this couple really love. I think the site design compliments the pictures that their photographer, Fol Rana, took.

Why is it called Swity Family? These two call each other “sweetie”. Or sometimes “Daddyswity” and “Mommyswity”. Amazing! =^.^=