ASIA PACIFIC COLLEGE – Last April 2, 2011, I sat as one of the panelists for Ms. Luna Pagarigan’s MAPROD2 (Multimedia Production 2): Game Development class defense. This section is actually special to me, as I was their thesis proposal adviser, under DGMEDIA (Digital Media in the Social Context). Of all the DGMEDIA sections I have ever handled, they had the highest concentration of exemplary students. Nearly all of them had a pretty good grasp of theory — whether it be about Interactivity or the Arts — and they knew how to play with conceptual possibilities. While they still need a lot of work when it comes to mastering the technical skills, their strongest point is that they are critical thinkers.

It was during their time that I had nearly perfected the syllabus for DGMEDIA: Game Design and despite the laborious task of creating game design documents (GDD) that included theoretical and conceptual frameworks (for academic purposes), they had diligently complied with all the requirements. They had even gone to my university to do further research after I had brought them there for the first time.

We were all given iPads for viewing the Game Design Document

A year later, we met again for their MAPROD2 final defense. Beside me sat indie game designer Alvin Edwald Chan, while Ms. Luna Pagarigan and Cris (Papavik) positioned themselves on the left side of the lecture hall. So many had changed since the last time I had been with this section — especially with regards to the GDD, which is understandable since it’s very rare for a GDD to retain its original content throughout the development phase.

The most difficult part of it all? Of the two groups that remained in MAPROD2, one only had three members left and the other had only two girls left. For this particular write-up, we’ll concentrate on the second group that presented: Albanya.

Albanya Packaging

Albanya Packaging


The three students responsible for this project collectively call themselves SKript Interactive. They are:

  • Emmanuel Puno – Creative Director
  • Jaesarr de Guzman – User Experience Director
  • Mark Isidro – Director of Technology

The 3D artists (from DK Crame’s MAPROD2: Animation class) that helped them with some of the development processes are:

  • Jayel Laygo
  • Kevin Pineda
The SKript Interactive Team

The SKript Interactive Team

They had envisioned Albanya to be a game that pays tribute to the Golden Age of the Philippine Cinema. Their protagonist is patterned after Fernando Poe, Jr. while their antagonist is based on Paquito Diaz. My only complaint was that they could have pegged another veteran actress for the female protagonist, Selya. This could have helped them in the 3D modeling for this particular character. I had some issues with Selya looking like a man — broad shoulders, muscular limbs, manly hands — but seeing as there were only 3 of them in the group, I couldn’t possibly ask for a new character design overnight. In any case, I still applaud this group for finishing what they did in 3 months.

Great job, guys! Congrats, too, Ms. Luna!

Projection: Inspired by the Golden Years of Philippine Cinema

Personally, I love the idea of giving homage to the Philippine Cinema’s Golden Age. Many of us have probably never witnessed it. I would need to go back to the UP Film Institute and unearth these valuable relics if I want to watch super old movies. I hope they would continue this project even after they’ve graduated. In addition, I fervently wish that they’d revive their old design documents and develop those games as well.

Here’s the official trailer they released on SKript Interactive’s Facebook Page. Do bear in mind, though, that there’s a world of difference between feature animation (like RPG Metanoia) and game animation. Game scenes require fewer polygons and the animation would really be a lot stiffer. Maybe someday, when the technology finally allows it, game animation and feature animation would finally be very similar.

Albanya Trailer from Jaesarr De Guzman on Vimeo.

Game Overview

(Retrieved from the Game Design Document)


Albanya is a third person 3D Exploration Graphic Adventure Video Game that features a graphic adventure gameplay set in a 1990ʼs Filipino province environment. The game involves a player searching for clues hidden in the environment in order to advance the story and the game.


Players are to learn the game mechanics and story development. To maintain the film-like feel of the project, most of the game !elements are hidden and are to be discovered by the player through observation. The instruction manual provided will only show the players the basic functions.

Search / Investigate

The main gameplay revolves around searching and investigating, due to the fact that the storyline is within the search and investigate premise. Players are to explore the game environment and discover the tasks to be fulfilled in order to move on to the next objective or complete a level.


Aside from simple walking and roaming, players are able to use certain items under special circumstances. Some items must be utilized in order to trigger events that are crucial to the main storyline.

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