announcement-sample-mayiThis is probably going to be the nth time that my portfolio has moved domains, from to to Now it’s back again at Skysenshi, except I gave it a subdomain of its own. Funny that I should be relocating it again when I haven’t even updated it with the last two games I produced.

You might be wondering what happened and what’s going to happen to Sarimanok. Things were crazy for me at the height of producing 5 games while also finishing my doctoral dissertation last year. Out of those 5 games, only 3 were ever released, so there was also heartbreak to deal with. Needless to say, Sarimanok (along with my other blogs) suffered. It was difficult for me to try to maintain several blogs on several platforms so the best way for me to keep churning out concentrated content is to return to’s roots. By this, I meant something like what I posted on my FB status a couple of days ago:




Those nerd posts will also include everything arts and culture related, because I used to teach at the Multimedia Arts departments of two universities. I used to blog about my students’ works in Skysenshi, before Sarimanok came into being, so it only makes sense to bring them back into their original home.

In the next few days, I will be transferring the contents of Sarimanok into Skysenshi. Half of them would go into the main blog, while the projects I worked on will be contained in this blog. I will also be locking down Sarimanok so that Google would not flag me for having redundant pages. Stay tuned.

Anyway, forgive the bare (DEFAULT!!!) template. I will concentrate on importing everything first before figuring out what this page should look like.