PROJECT NAME: Puzzle Pets Adventure
CLIENT: Gamoji/6Waves
ROLE: Producer for Anino Games
PLATFORM: Facebook
FIRST RELEASE: End of March 2012
AWARD: Philippine Game Development Festival 2012 Best Browser Game

DESCRIPTION (from the Official FB Page):
Puzzle Pets Adventure is a strategic puzzle game to use pets to go for battle to challenge other players all over the world. Play and battle with friends now!




As I was working on re-building my portfolio, I decided to drop by the Puzzle Pets Adventure (PPA) FB app page…only to find this very tragic message:


This was a client-based project and though I personally prefer working on original IPs, being Puzzle Pets Adventure’s producer taught me a lot of things about the casual game development industry. In fact, I wouldn’t have been able to finish my PhD dissertation (which was about Facebook gaming women) in record time had I not been given this project.

For one thing, it introduced me to the world of Facebook games. For another thing, it was my first time to play match-3. In order to make sure that we delivered good gameplay, I had played as many match-3 games as I could. By the time the first playable prototype was released, I had become addicted to Puzzle Quest, our peg, and all other games like it.

Heck, I was addicted to Puzzle Pets Adventure! It was a simple pet-catching game where the battle happens on a match-3 board. Think Pokemon meets Bejewelled Blitz.

Screenshot of the Puzzle Pets Adventure battle board.

Screenshot of the Puzzle Pets Adventure battle board.

Before the Candy Crush craze swept my friends and officemates, I would spend all morning and all night testing our PPA builds. Then again, I do that with all the games I handled. It’s just that I seemed to have enjoyed testing and deploying PPA more than any other game I have ever handled. I really do wish to work on more projects like this in the future.