PROJECT NAME: Infantri (Capstone/Thesis)
ROLE: Capstone Adviser
TEAM: Knuckle Sandwich Studios
INSTITUTION: De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde
MEMBERS: Gabriel Bermejo, Angelo Bernabe, Gerald Dwyne, Mark Hitosis, Joey Illejay, Elmer Nocon, Rowell Nono, Salvador Marzan, Gian Savellano, Arric Tan
FINALIST: Philippine Game Development Festival Thesis Category 2013


Team Knuckle Sandwich Studios

They were probably the only people in their batch that I ever handled, as I came in during the year they were about to graduate. As a whole, this group is very enthusiastic, independent and had initiative. I had very little to say in terms of direction because they already knew what they wanted to do, so much of what we discussed were about gameplay polishes and presentation. The rest was mostly just for validation that they’re not only doing a game that they LIKE, but also a game that people would enjoy playing.



I actually had a lot of fun with this 3D cell-shaded project because there were a few bugs that later became features due to the comical nature of these bugs. Here’s a snippet from the game design document:

Infantri is a turn-based artillery game where a player takes control of a team of customizable units called an Infantry . By equipping vehicles, weapons, headgears, and accessories on an individual infantry they gain bonuses that can increase or decrease their attack power, resistance, movement speed, and health, adding more equipment on that Infantry will make it gain more weight and putting a weight limit on each player’s team will balance the game.


In game, an Infantry can move around the arena using the keyboard, aim and shoot with the mouse but they must do so in the given time limit, making it another game balancing mechanic. Before the start of a match players will be able to decide on how long a turn can last, the weight capacity of each player’s infantry, and what arena to play on; making each battle feel different every time.


Each arena has a different feel to it which promotes different approaches and obstacles that players must learn to overcome; in order to make it an advantage. There will be health kits, ammo crates, power ups, and traps that pop up randomly in each arena that can either help you or hurt you.

Infantri is one of CSB’s entries to the Philippine Game Development Festival 2013 and it became one of the finalists. Not bad for the first batch. Also, knowing how resourceful and inventive this group’s leaders are, I’m pretty sure they’re now kicking ass in the industry.