Wow! - Nov 24th, 2004 9:37 am

Weee. I have so many entries I wanted to put down here, but I've lost all my past screenshots.

Anyways...lemme introduce myself. I'm Shadow Guru. Probably the most un-dark of all dark creatures. (My pic will follow in a bit. I still haven't decided how I should let myself be shown.) But well...that's my "God" name. I just get reborn over and over and over again. In human form, that is.

I'm editing this post later to show today's screenies. Hee. In the meantime, l just want to rave about the first thing I sold. My mentor (Neutral Guru) and I were experimenting with the Pharmacy skills (because we were informed that the skill was a bit wonky). So I created 61 yellow slim potions and around 87 white potions in my name.

I tried selling them last week, but no one would buy them. T_T I tried selling them today. After about 2 hours of selling only 3 slims, I finally got the shock of my life! Some nice nice soul bought ALL REMAINING 58 of my slims! Weee!

Um. That's all. Guess I'm pretty shallow.

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Cerridwen: posted on November 25th, 2004

shadowguru: posted on November 25th, 2004

Well, some people might find it weird that I'm so public with this, but I just want transparency, to keep rumor-mongers from wanting to dig up skeletons from my closet and airing them all out to the public. "Scandal at Blah Blah Guild...GM pala si Blah Blah. Edited! Mga pak shet kayo!" Most undercover GMs who don't know how to keep themselves undercover always find themselves in that kind of mess. You know how controversies are...
shadowguru: posted on November 25th, 2004

btw, am not a GM. At least, not one that's visible. xD