Kind-Hearted Citizens - Nov 30th, 2004 12:20 am

Aw. I lost the pic of that kindly acolyte because I had been installing and uninstalling several versions of the Juno client and my "camera" went haywire. Anyway, I just remembered this one time I went down to Midgard dressed as a boy (well, actually I came down as a boy). It was right after that weekly phenomenon known as "Maintenance" and I had to see if all the worlds were okay and if young novices are doing fine.

As I was looking for items for the archer exam, there was this acolyte who came to me with a bunch of elder willows and asked me to attack them. I didn't need the tanking, of course, but the thought that a first jobber, and a healer at that, would try and help a novice...that really amazed me. I wasn't using a girl's form and yet, he went out of his way to go and help a kid whom he thought needed help. I was touched.

I thought people like him didn't exist anymore.

If I had only kept that picture. I am sure that acolyte is a priest or a monk by now and I'm sure he'd go places. I wasn't even able to get his name as that world temporarily went down in the middle of my quest/test. T_T

May he be blessed.

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Hm. We're forbidden to contact anyone inside the worlds, (although they will know us when we get on the plane known as IRL because we'd be required, at times, to speak publicly in that plane).

Does this mean I can't have a friends listing in rodiary anymore? T_T

Mood: accomplished