At last, he didn't call me "kuya"! - Dec 18th, 2004 2:41 pm

Hehe, first time as a crusader that I was not called “kuya.” Very persistent chap. Unfortunately, I was on patrol duty back when the only skill I had was map move. -_-;;; It kinda amused me, though. I mean, it's not everyday that a female crusader travels without being called “brother.” I would always end up pissed, but Neutral Guru's reminder was to always be friendly and courteous. T_T

Persistent chap

Ah! Here are the pictures of the first time I successfully created slim yellow potions and white potions! Well, a lot of people keep cheering me on, so I guess that's why my potion making endeavors were successful…

Admirer watching

This one…I wasn't sure if he was just being friendly or funny or if he honestly has no idea what the skill pharmacy does. @_@

Weird guy

Weee! Sold out!

Sold out

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Kodachi: posted on December 19th, 2004

Ugh. You're lucky. I've never sold a single NPC-type personalized pot. The onyl ones ive sold were Yuki's blue pots.
shadowguru: posted on December 19th, 2004

Well...iba na ang cute. Hehehe. Although it gets kinda exhausting to "shapeshift" all the time.
FreakishChibiOne: posted on December 19th, 2004

I see Rose. XD

At least you know there's someone in the world that ish not a dumbass and calls female Saders "kuya". Sana lang madame..

Plus o.O Who can't tell? There's a very distinct difference. XD
shadowguru: posted on December 19th, 2004

Hehe, I chose Rose to play as my avatar since her element is Shadow/Dark and Shadow Guru is my latest alias. ^_^