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Project: Venturanza Networks


PROJECT NAME: Venturanza Networks URL: http://www.venturanza.com SINCE: 2001

Venturanza Version 3.0: Had a very wide background that people can only see if their monitors were bigger.


This was originally part of Coolay or Image@Coolay, but since I’ve decided to get serious and build a full-blown web services site, I used my mother’s maiden name: Venturanza Networks. It just so happened that the people I contracted to do Venturanza Network projects were all my maternal cousins. function More >

Loyola IU: Click to view site.

Project: Loyola Internet University


PROJECT NAME: Loyola Internet University URL: [internal use only] SINCE: 2001

Loyola IU: Click to view site.

Ah, another one of the fun projects we had at Loyola. See, the management was getting worried that people are becoming more and more archaic. Everyone in the building was afraid of computers. No one could see how convenient learning a bit of technology was.

So our boss, Mike Lagumbay, came up with an idea to train employees. Everyone in the building was tested for computer proficiency More >

The one and only version

Project: Surf N Shop


PROJECT NAME: Surf N Shop URL: http://www.surfnshop.biz SINCE: December 21, 2000

I worked part-time as a web designer for Surf N Shop (business name Jeventures Enterprises). Actually, many of my projects before Venturanza Networks were under this small internet café. Yep, it’s an internet café, except we had technicians and working students to assist customers’. By assisting, this sometimes meant helping them with their term papers, proposals, and other school/business documents. It was like an More >

Click on image to view mock up of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui's website

Project: Pranic Healing


PROJECT NAME: Pranic Healing (Choa Kok Sui) URL: http://www.choakoksui.com SINCE: 2000

Click on image to view mock up of Grand Master Choa Kok Sui’s website

I am not placing my original studies in here. Haha. They just suck. I liked this one, even if I wish I had chosen a better typeface for the logo…

I wondered how a man with Chinese blood would actually like the color purple. I thought purple meant something negative to the Chinese. But of course, the owner of the site wasn’t any ordinary guy More >

Artha Gallery

Project: Artha Gallery


PROJECT NAME: Artha Gallery URL: http://www.arthagallery.com SINCE: Jul 23, 2000

Artha Gallery

Artha Gallery was one of the first projects I handled on a professional level. (Development began in 1999.) It’s actually owned by my ex husband’s brother. The site is now managed and updated by the owner. The initial design was mine. There’s not much I can say about it, but the stuff sold here are pretty interesting. It’s mostly for the Japanese weaponry fanatic.

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