Version 2.0: The Clipart still bothers me to this day.

Project: Loyola Plans Intranet


PROJECT NAME: Loyola Plans Intranet URL: [internal use only] SINCE: 2000

Ok, this isn’t going to be pretty but I’m adding this project here for sentimental purposes.

Version 1.0: Yuck. Clipart galore!

I thought this was a great idea by then MIS AVP Danny Niñal. It was actually the project that got me into the company. He saw that everything needed spice and that people should start learning how to make use of various technological tools in order to communicate and organize corporate stuff.

I More >

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Journal Article: The Philippine National ICT Infrastructure


ARTICLE NAME: The Philippine National ICT Infrastructure: Bringing Social Reform and Development Through Seamless Wireless Connection CO-AUTHORED WITH: Rodrigo C. Rivera II, Joyce L. Arriola, Julienne thesa Y. Baldo, Jennifer Rebecca Ortuoste and Maria Cynthia C. Diangson. PUBLISHED IN: Philippine Communication Society Review DATE PUBLISHED: December 2010


The way societies communicate has changed and this altered way of life demands infrastructures supportive of how people stay More >

Loyola Plans Fun Guide

Project: Loyola Plans Fun Guide


PROJECT NAME: Loyola Plans Fun Guide! URL: SINCE: 2000

Loyola Plans Fun Guide

One of the things we thought about when I was in Loyola was how to spruce up the site. We were convinced that we didn’t want people to think that we were all about death and other grim subjects. We wanted to show the world that we could have fun, too. Ah, at that time we were known as the Loyola Plans dotCom Team. =^.^= Somehow, I miss those days…

First Design

The prototype I first came More >

Disc13 Version 4

Project: Disc13


PROJECT NAME: Disc 13 URL: SINCE: — –, 2000

Disc13 Version 3

Disc13 spun off from the video game wing of the Kraiders Otaku Fridge. This full-blown gaming site started off concentrating on PlayStation games alone. When the PS2 came out and we (my cousins and I) we decided to encompass all the other platforms. If you notice, I only have here versions 3 and 4. This is because the very first site design was done by my cousin Firesenshi and you will find the study on her More >

Coolay v8.0: The Last

Project: Coolay Music



After abandoning Turbulence, I decided to put that project in a sub folder within my Geocities space and turned it into a collective I would call Coolay. Coolay contained all the things that I wanted to make sites for: music (Purple Rhythm/Red Solfeggio), literature (Red Library/Shadow Oracle), and my Uranus shrine (Turb).

Eventually, I noticed More >

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