Granulomata Version 0

Project: Granulomata


PROJECT NAME: Granulomata URL: SINCE: September 17, 2003

Granulomata Version 0

Another x-deal. I was looking for a suitable free host for Hentai Neko (dot)Net because the old host has become unreliable. The owner of Granulomata, Allan Hsu, saw my designs and liked them, especially Coolay and Hentai Neko. He then proposed that I design one of his websites in return for bannerless hosting on his site.

The first version I came up with (v.0) had to be altered, the results More >

Dino Lara's Digital Storybook

Project: Storybook.PH


PROJECT NAME: Dino Lara Photography: Digital Story Book URL: SINCE: June 9, 2003

Dino Lara’s Digital Storybook: Click image to view site.

This goes hand in hand with Dino Lara’s main website. The story of this site is also in that section of my portfolio, so if you want to read about it, check that page out first. The design of this site is basically the same as the main’s, but you’ll see more of the lovely pictures here because this happens to contain his portfolio. I More >

Kasal ATBP

Project: Kasal ATBP


PROJECT NAME: Kasal ATBP URL: SINCE: April 30, 2003

Kasal ATBP

My agent gave me this project. The site was based in the Philippines but the clients weren’t exactly Filipinos. I suppose it was some sort of directory/search engine/portal for married people. I actually think the concept is great and innovative. I mean, a search engine for married and soon-to-be-married couples? It also has a directory of suppliers and an interactive message board.

The main focus of the More >

Skysenshi 2011



PROJECT NAME: Skysenshi URL: SINCE: October 14, 2002

The First Folio

I’ve had this handle (“skysenshi”) since 1997 and it was only in 2002 that I’ve decided to stake my claim — dotcom-wise. =^.^=

This was initially where I stashed my portfolio. I wanted the site to look as simple as it can be. I didn’t want its look to compete with the other sites I featured. Let’s just say the site had a lot of growing up More >

Dino Lara Version 2.0

Project: Dino Lara Photography


PROJECT NAME: Dino Lara Photography URL: SINCE: October 11, 2002

Dino Lara Version 2.0: Click image to view site.

Another one of the best photographers in the wedding industry. I came across him during Kuya Mel‘s daughter’s christening. He actually wanted to go into an x-deal with me in case I didn’t have a videographer for my wedding, but I had already booked Kuya Mel’s videographer back then.

This was one of my most work-intensive projects. I loved working on this More >

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