Dino Lara Version 2.0

Project: Dino Lara Photography


PROJECT NAME: Dino Lara Photography URL: http://www.dinolara.com SINCE: October 11, 2002

Dino Lara Version 2.0: Click image to view site.

Another one of the best photographers in the wedding industry. I came across him during Kuya Mel‘s daughter’s christening. He actually wanted to go into an x-deal with me in case I didn’t have a videographer for my wedding, but I had already booked Kuya Mel’s videographer back then.

This was one of my most work-intensive projects. I loved working on this More >


Project: Ichisky


PROJECT NAME: IchiSky URL: http://www.ichisky.com SINCE: June 28, 2002


The domain name was registered exactly a year before my wedding. For nearly a year it just sat there — design-less and blindingly white. At that time I was already so burned out by work that I couldn’t even think of a design for my own wedding site. What I wanted was for this to be the best site I would ever make. Nope. There was no chance of that. My designer’s block still reigned and I had no choice but to

More >

Decisive Moments Version 1.0

Project: Decisive Moments


PROJECT NAME: Decisive Moments URL: http://www.decisivemoments.org SINCE: April 22, 2002; domain on May 17, 2002

Decisive Moments Version 0

“Kuya Mel” was actually my wedding photographer. The first time I saw his pictures online, I fell in love with his artwork immediately. Three decades of being a photojournalist, the man really knows his craft. When we approached him, we didn’t have the intention of offering him a website. In fact, work was the farthest from my mind back then. We just had

More >


Project: Otaku Board


PROJECT NAME: Otaku Board (OB) URL: http://ob.otakufridge.com SINCE: July 2, 2001

OB Classic Index: A remake of the very first design.

Originally located at http://www.otakuboard.com, these boards sprung from the demands of my site visitors as well as Animetric‘s own fan base. The four original sites that shared these boards were Hentai Neko, Animetric, Disc13 and The Anime Zone. The first incarnation rode on Ikonboard’s platform.

In 2001, however, Animetric built her own boards and Anime Zone More >

Finders Ads Version 1.0

Project: Finders Ads


PROJECT NAME: Finders Ads URL: it never went up SINCE: Mid 2001

Finders Ads Version 1.0

This was a project under Surf N Shop and at that time, Finders was directly competing against Buy N Sell. Nothing much to say. The site never went up due to uncontrollable constraints. I thought it was such a waste, since the project seemed promising. It’s quite rare for me to come up with mismatching colors. I loved the color combination, though I actually came up with a version 2.0 of this (because I More >

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