Project: Venturanza Networks


PROJECT NAME: Venturanza Networks URL: SINCE: 2001

Venturanza Version 3.0: Had a very wide background that people can only see if their monitors were bigger.


This was originally part of Coolay or Image@Coolay, but since I’ve decided to get serious and build a full-blown web services site, I used my mother’s maiden name: Venturanza Networks. It just so happened that the people I contracted to do Venturanza Network projects were all my maternal cousins. function More >

Loyola IU: Click to view site.

Project: Loyola Internet University


PROJECT NAME: Loyola Internet University URL: [internal use only] SINCE: 2001

Loyola IU: Click to view site.

Ah, another one of the fun projects we had at Loyola. See, the management was getting worried that people are becoming more and more archaic. Everyone in the building was afraid of computers. No one could see how convenient learning a bit of technology was.

So our boss, Mike Lagumbay, came up with an idea to train employees. Everyone in the building was tested for computer proficiency More >

The one and only version

Project: Surf N Shop


PROJECT NAME: Surf N Shop URL: SINCE: December 21, 2000

I worked part-time as a web designer for Surf N Shop (business name Jeventures Enterprises). Actually, many of my projects before Venturanza Networks were under this small internet café. Yep, it’s an internet café, except we had technicians and working students to assist customers’. By assisting, this sometimes meant helping them with their term papers, proposals, and other school/business documents. It was like an More >

Toney's awkward progress from non swimmer to underwater model

Skysenshi’s Transitions: The Shoot

Behind The Scenes Part 1

Trying to figure out the angles

Models: Cris Dumlao, Lei Solas, Justine Joya and Toney Sevilla

Assistants: Cris Dumlao, Lei Solas, Justine Joya, Toney Sevilla and Mary Rose Flores

Location: New World Hotel, Makati

Equipment: Nikon D80, Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS3, Olympus Underwater Digicam

The Concept

When Rebie, Cris (Papavik) and I began talking about holding a friends-only exhibit, we thought about the various transitions that we had undergone in 2010. It took me a More >

FROM RIGHT TO LEFT: Rebie Ramoso's "Can I Make It?" (acrylic on canvas), followed by Bea Lapa's "Transitions" set (mixed media, acrylic emulsion on wood),

Transitions Exhibit Opening Night



a joint exhibit by Rebie Ramoso, Bea Lapa, Cris Dumlao

Opening Night: 7PM, February 18, 2011 / exhibit runs from February 18-20, 2011

LRI Design Plaza, 210 Nicanor Garcia Street (Formerly Reposo), Bel-Air II, Makati City, Philippines 1209

Curator’s Notes:

Experiences of transition adversely vary from person to person. It is expansive. Transition can be interpreted in many ways. In the arts, transition is an important factor both as a rejoinder of two elements and a cue to signal More >

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