PROJECT NAME: Cutout (Capstone/Thesis)
ROLE: Capstone Adviser
STUDENTS: Cecile Reine S. Cabrera, Mark Stephen F. Cruz, Andrezon A. Ferrer, Jihan Mae R. Rodriguez, Karlene Gail R. Valmonte, Pauline R. Wen
INSTITUTION: De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde
WINNER: Capstone 1 People’s Choice Award (May 2015)


The Team

This team was from the Benilde batch that had a weird reputation of not wanting to participate in competitions. To my utter delight, I found out that there was a reason for it: they were nerds who would put their studies above competition. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to compete. Nope. It was that most of the competitions during the previous year tend to fall during mid terms or finals. Of course, they’d concentrate on their education first. The first thing I noticed was how well they put into paper their ideas. If I could marry their documentation, I would.

As with all groups that had brilliant members, there had been a bit of an internal struggle, but they persevered till the end and won People’s Choice during the Incendium expo of May 2015.

The Cutout Team at ESGS 2015.


Cutout is a 2D adventure game that tells the story of a living paper cutout whose family has been blown by the wind. Eager to reunite the family before said owner returns from recess, the cutout must make its way across different classrooms, completing tasks that will help the members of the cutout family return home.

As a game, Cutout focuses on using the properties and functions of paper relative to the environment in completing puzzles and, in effect, levels.

Using David Kolb’s Experiential Learning Theory as its framework, Cutout entices the player to solve puzzles by looking for clues in his/her environment. The key terms in the experience are: Do, Observe, Think, Plan. When a player is given a problem to solve, s/he can observe how his environment works, think about other ways in which paper can be utilized and plan concrete steps in completing a stage.



Jihan Mae “Jammy” Rodriguez

Cecile Reine Cabrera
Lead Programmer, Co-Producer and QA

Pauline “Pau” Wen
Programmer and Level Designer

Andrezon “Andrei” Ferrer

Karlene Gail Valmonte
Programmer and QA

Mark Stephen “Pen” Cruz
Designer, Co-Producer and QA