PROJECT NAME: Hexscape (Capstone/Thesis)
ROLE: Capstone Adviser
STUDENTS: Lorianne Halago, Cristjan Lazar, Sheryl Lim, Anna Navarro, Erin Yap, Jamaica Balbin
INSTITUTION: De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde
WINNER: Best Capstone 2 (December 2014)
DOWNLOAD: Hexscape (Xbox controller required)


The Team Returns + New Member

This is the same team that handled Limbones, another capstone project that won in the Philippine Game Festival 2014. A new addition to the team, artist Jamaica Balbin, came just before Capstone 2 started. This team encountered a new challenge when CJ and Anna took OJT at the same time, and both happened to be the team’s programmers. The team decided to stay in one roof for most of the term so that they could all work together in a real production set up, which turned out to be a wise move because creating a game as complex as Hexscape required much discipline.

Incendium, December 2014

Incendium, December 2014



Hexscape is about a princess who finds herself trapped in what she initially thought was a castle. She got tired of waiting to be rescued so she ventured out on her own and found Bob. Bob taught her how to hex objects so that it would be easier for her to escape each room. You can check out the gameplay in this video:




Programmers: CJ Lazar and Anna Navarro
Artists: Yoyi Halago, Sheryl Lim, Jamaica Balbin
Sound Designer & QA: Erin Yap

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