PROJECT NAME: Ch4nge (Capstone/Thesis)
ROLE: Capstone Adviser
STUDENTS: Jennifer Nicole Asia, Patricia Lopez, John Miguel Abejero, CJ Nicole Francisco, Ma. Alissandra Louise Ong, Heidi Tibunsay
INSTITUTION: De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde
FINALIST: Microsoft Imagine Cup 2015 Nationals




The Team

Getting into the Microsoft Imagine Cup National Finals was quite a daunting task for this group. It was pure pressure. In fact, the guys had had so many game changes, restarting from scratch every single time, before they could finalize those ideas into this…two weeks before the nationals. You can imagine the numerous ups and downs such a team would encounter after a grueling, emotionally exhausting term. And yet they survived it.

All my capstone teams, plus members of Senshi.Labs

All my capstone teams, plus members of Senshi.Labs



Problem Statement: What are the possible designs of innovative puzzles that will work for games wherein the players will be challenged at the same time have fun? How effective are games on cause promotion / advocacy?

Using the Goal-Based scenario by Roger Schank as a conceptual framework for this project, the group aimed to spread awareness about the environment through this game.

You play as Andres, a young kid who lived in a small town called La Kanaiyan. The people around you are greedy and profit-oriented but have not thought about the diminishing resources of La Kanaiyan. It is now up to you to rebuild the town — through various mini-games such as tree-planting — and help restore La Kanaiyan into its former glory.






Jennifer Nicole Asia – Producer / Sound Designer
Patricia Lopez – Designer
John Miguel Abejero – Programmer
CJ Nicole Francisco – Programmer
Ma. Alissandra Louise Ong – Artist
Heidi Tibunsay – Artist