Responsum Team

Because I no longer have enough time to actually update the blog, this post will be updated around twice a year instead.

This is a list of all the capstone projects I’ve handled from 2013 onwards. Basically teams whose projects I have seen struggle from the ground up. The fights, the drama, the sabaw-ness, the heartaches, insecurities, pressure. I would like to acknowledge these projects and people who pushed the limits of my own advising imagination, as well as the standards of the school. Guys, you have actually inspired me so much with your passion and ardor for game development, and it has been an honor to work with you.

  • Nutrimania (CSB) – Best Capstone 2017 Term 2, Finalist for GameOn 2018
  • Aether (CSB) – Technically Best Capstone1 2017 Term 1 (also the only Capstone1 in the entire batch who survived the screening/endorsement), Finalist for GameOn 2018
  • In My Absent Memory (CSB) – Qualified for Best Capstone1 2017 Term 1 (with the highest Incendium grade)
  • Responsum (CSB) – Best Capstone1 2017, Best Gameplay in GameOn 2017
  • Noir (CSB) – Best Capstone2 2017
  • Adarna 2 (APC) – Best Capstone 2016. Best Narrative, Best Sound and Music Design, Best Educational in GameOn 2016. This was originally a capstone project of my advisees from Asia Pacific College, but we joined forces with some of APC’s Multimedia Arts students and some Benildeans to win on the professional level.
  • Of False Gods and Mad Kings (CSB) – Best Capstone1 2016
  • Ch4nge (CSB) – Microsoft ImagineCup 2015 National Finals
  • Cutout (CSB) – Capstone1 People’s Choice 2015, ESGS Game of the Year 2015
  • Gerbage (CSB) – Best Capstone1 2015
  • Adarna (APC) – Best Capstone 2015, Best Narrative in GameOn 2015
  • Brushstrokes (CSB) – Best Capstone2 2015, Best Art in GameOn 2015
  • Hexscape (CSB) – Best Capstone2 2015, (won in GameOn 2015 also but I forgot what it was lol)
  • Mathoria (CSB) – Best Edutainment in GameOn 2014
  • Anemone (CSB) – Game of the Year, Best Art, Best Narrative in GameOn2014
  • Limbones (CSB) – Best Capstone1 and People’s Choice 2014, Best Gameplay in GameOn 2014
  • Project Butterflies (CSB) – Best Capstone2 2013
  • Blackwater (APC) – Best Art in GameOn 2013
For those who got second and third place in Best Capstone, as well as being finalists in GameOn, thank you very much. Thank you, all. If I have missed anyone (I hope I did not), please feel free to comment. Oh and if you remember the term you have won, please comment about this as well. Thanks!