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Coolay v8.0: The Last

Project: Coolay Music



After abandoning Turbulence, I decided to put that project in a sub folder within my Geocities space and turned it into a collective I would call Coolay. Coolay contained all the things that I wanted to make sites for: music (Purple Rhythm/Red Solfeggio), literature (Red Library/Shadow Oracle), and my Uranus shrine (Turb).

Eventually, I noticed that I couldn’t update More >

Turbulence Version 1999

Project: Turbulence – Skysenshi@TheRaceTrack


Project Name: Turbulence – Skysenshi@TheRacetrack URL: Since: August 3, 1997

Turbulence Version 1999 Click image to view real site.

After my cousin Firesenshi came up with a shrine to the feisty warrior of flame, SailorMars, I thought that perhaps it was time to create my own shrine for my favorite warrior of the wind and the sky, SailorUranus. If you’re wondering, these are characters from the anime Bishoujo Senshi SailorMoon. Yes, yes, I’m weird. Tell me More >

Otaku Fridge Version 2004 (Firesenshi's Design)

Project: The Otaku Fridge


PROJECT NAME: The (Kraiders) Otaku Fridge URL: SINCE: May 18, 1997

Otaku Fridge Version 1999 Click to view actual contents.

Where it all began. This was the very first website I have ever created way way back in 1997. I only knew I wanted to create a web page but since my interests were diverse, I decided to make this one a collective site on anime, video games, literature, music, and FOOD. It also featured me and my cousins (we are now known as “the senshi”). Years More >

Sarimanok Version 1.0

Project: Sarimanok.PH


Let this be my first official entry about the Sarimanok.PH Philippine Arts, Design & Culture website. I didn’t want to start designing Sarimanok.PH until AFTER I’ve gotten hold of Paolo Lazatin’s illustrations for papavik, skysenshi & the sarimanok itself (whom we’ve yet to name.)

Here are the original looks. My hair was kind of difficult to distinguish at first and Cris’s renowned tail (she’s quite known to be the Star Wars fanatic) wasn’t here yet.

Paolo Lazatin’s original depictions of More >

sarimanok cris bea

The beginnings of frustration.


The (Sarimanok.PH) site’s domain name has been up since the 28th of May, but it’s only now that I’ve started posting. And I’m only doing this so that I don’t have to see the omnipresent “Hello, World!” The illustrations are finally done, thanks to Paolo Lazatin. Such a great artist, really. Vector illustration isn’t really my and Cris’s specialty, so Pao was a much needed part of this design endeavor. Now all that remains is for my left and right brain hemispheres to finally agree on how that More >

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