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Game dev faculty surviving school-from-home


Wow, it’s been twenty thousand years since I last posted, but I have seen a lot of complaints from non game dev faculty about how difficult work from home situation is, now that COVID-19 virus has taken over our lives. The faculty of Benilde’s Game Dev strongly believe in still delivering the education we promised our students and their parents, and so far, I think we’ve been doing well. Most of my classes have had complete attendance, with the exception of Quality Assurance and the special More >


To You Creators


There are times when my newsfeed would be filled with thoughts of self-loathing from many of my most talented students. Sometimes, I would even hear self-doubt from my fellow developers and faculty members. I believe, as creators, we all have these moments because we all know that to rest on our laurels would immediately mean the death of our skills.

So let me just reach out in the hopes that you can get yourselves back on track.


1. You are a creator.

What does this mean? You are constantly More >

My typical week for the fourth quarter of 2013

So you want to work from home?


Some of my students asked for tips about climbing the corporate ladder but truth be told, I hate the corporate ladder. Every time I find myself getting promoted, I end up resigning shortly after — even from my best employers. I had been a work-from-home person for most of my career because I usually earn money from writing and doing art/tech when I find myself getting tired of the corporate world.

For 2013, my typical week is roughly:

  • Mondays: (At home) Prepare lectures for 3 hours + do game More >
You don't want to end up like Grad School Barbie while you're still in your 20s.

The art of time-bending 1: working student survival guide


I am writing this entry for those of you who were crazy enough to suddenly enroll in graduate school while maintaining a full-time job. Again, this is dedicated to all my students who have approached me or messaged me on Facebook.

First, let me apologize if I gave the impression that taking your PhD/master’s while handling a full-time job was easy. It certainly was no walk in the park. But I have to admit that it was actually kind of fun. The most important skill I learned from it was the art More >


Higher education institutions to check out


This is the follow-up blog entry to “So, you want to get another degree?” I have received quite a number of inquiries with regards to choosing a school. I’ve also seen some questions from some of my friends in the industry who have never finished their bachelor’s degrees and are having difficulty getting managerial positions because of this.

(For those who do not live in the Philippines, our culture is a little obsessive when it comes to higher education. Even when some people aren’t really More >

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