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Because I no longer have enough time to actually update the blog, this post will be updated around twice a year instead.

This is a list of all the capstone projects I’ve handled from 2013 onwards. Basically teams whose projects I have seen struggle from the ground up. The fights, the drama, the sabaw-ness, the heartaches, insecurities, pressure. I would like to acknowledge these projects and people who pushed the limits of my own advising imagination, as well as the standards of the school. More >




Senshi.Labs is a game development studio I founded in 2014. It basically promotes education through free edutainment games, which are funded by our commercial projects. Because it would be redundant to update both this blog and the company’s blog, I decided that projects under Senshi.Labs will be posted there instead of this individual portfolio.

I produce ALL of Senshi.Labs’ projects. There are also games that I personally designed or did other tasks for (writing, programming, co-designing, More >


Student Project: Limbones


PROJECT NAME: Limbones (Capstone/Thesis) ROLE: Capstone Adviser STUDENTS: Lorianne Halago, Cristjan Lazar, Sheryl Lim, Anna Navarro, Erin Yap INSTITUTION: De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde WINNER: Best Capstone 1 and People’s Choice Award in Incendium 1 (2014), Philippine Game Festival 2014 Best Gameplay DOWNLOAD: Limbones


A Team of Rising Stars

I first handled this group in my Game Production class and saw the chemistry in the team. They decided to test this out by joining the Global More >


Book: Images in Play


PROJECT NAME: Images in Play: How Filipino Women Co-Create Empowerment in Social Games ROLE: Author PUBLISHED: December 2013 AVAILABLE EDITIONS (on Amazon): Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle

I could almost consider this a two-year project because the book was originally my doctoral dissertation, which I began writing in 2011 and defended in 2012. It took me another year to actually do the book adaptation, which was a different beast entirely. If I wanted to reach across to students, which included More >


Project: Grave Mania: Pandemic Pandemonium


PROJECT NAME: Grave Mania: Pandemic Pandemonium ROLE: Producer DOWNLOAD FROM: PCMac COMING SOON: iPad, iPhone, Android AVAILABLE IN: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Dutch FIRST RELEASE: January 2013 on PC

DESCRIPTION (from Big Fish Games):

After containing the Great Undead Fever of 1948 across the West, Bonnie and Johnny Loca were ready to retire and take a well-earned vacation. That is, until they discovered that the zombie pandemic had spread overseas! Help More >

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