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Book: Images in Play


PROJECT NAME: Images in Play: How Filipino Women Co-Create Empowerment in Social Games ROLE: Author PUBLISHED: December 2013 AVAILABLE EDITIONS (on Amazon): Hardcover, Paperback, Kindle

I could almost consider this a two-year project because the book was originally my doctoral dissertation, which I began writing in 2011 and defended in 2012. It took me another year to actually do the book adaptation, which was a different beast entirely. If I wanted to reach across to students, which included More >

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Journal Article: The Philippine National ICT Infrastructure


ARTICLE NAME: The Philippine National ICT Infrastructure: Bringing Social Reform and Development Through Seamless Wireless Connection CO-AUTHORED WITH: Rodrigo C. Rivera II, Joyce L. Arriola, Julienne thesa Y. Baldo, Jennifer Rebecca Ortuoste and Maria Cynthia C. Diangson. PUBLISHED IN: Philippine Communication Society Review DATE PUBLISHED: December 2010


The way societies communicate has changed and this altered way of life demands infrastructures supportive of how people stay More >

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