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Student Project: Roots


ASIA PACIFIC COLLEGE – This is a continuation of the previous post about April 2’s MAPROD: Game Design and Development defense. Last time we featured Albanya, the second group that presented. This time, we’re featuring Roots, a Western role-playing game set in a steampunk world. This was created by S-21 Labs, the first group that presented during the defense.

Like SKript Interactive (team behind Albanya), the group responsible for Roots were also my DGMEDIA85 thesis proposal advisees. And like More >


Student Project: Albanya


ASIA PACIFIC COLLEGE – Last April 2, 2011, I sat as one of the panelists for Ms. Luna Pagarigan’s MAPROD2 (Multimedia Production 2): Game Development class defense. This section is actually special to me, as I was their thesis proposal adviser, under DGMEDIA (Digital Media in the Social Context). Of all the DGMEDIA sections I have ever handled, they had the highest concentration of exemplary students. Nearly all of them had a pretty good grasp of theory — whether it be about Interactivity or More >

Loyola IU: Click to view site.

Project: Loyola Internet University


PROJECT NAME: Loyola Internet University URL: [internal use only] SINCE: 2001

Loyola IU: Click to view site.

Ah, another one of the fun projects we had at Loyola. See, the management was getting worried that people are becoming more and more archaic. Everyone in the building was afraid of computers. No one could see how convenient learning a bit of technology was.

So our boss, Mike Lagumbay, came up with an idea to train employees. Everyone in the building was tested for computer proficiency More >

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