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Jan Jan 2011 version 1.0

Project: Jan-Jan The Jeepney


PROJECT NAME: Jan-Jan The Jeepney URL: http://www.janjanthejeepney.com SINCE: August 30, 2011

I don’t know if many people are aware of this, but I have a day job. I work as a Producer for Anino Games, Inc. during regular office hours and Jan-Jan The Jeepney happens to be one of the games the company has co-developed with the Cultural Center of the Philippines and the now defunct Commission on Information and Communications Technology. I am blogging about it here because it is an artistic, as More >

Planet Biyo: Click image to view website.

Project: Planet Biyo


PROJECT NAME: Planet Biyo URL: http://www.pinoygalaxy.com SINCE: December 2005

Planet Biyo: Click image to view website.

Dr. Josette Biyo won the Intel Excellence in Teaching award in the US, besting over 4,000 candidates from all over the world. She was honored by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Lincoln Laboratory, USA by having a minor planet between Mars and Jupiter named after her.

While I was working on this project, I had to read snippets of Dr. Biyo’s book and I must say, I More >

Enthos v1.0

Project: Enthos.PH


PROJECT NAME: Enthos URL: http://www.enthos.ph SINCE: September 28, 2005

Enthos v1.0

Enthos is a small organization that facilitates training and nurturing of human resources. They develop training programs for corporate entities. There’s not much I can say about this recent project, but I saw their program kits and I was very interested in the new things I learned from that one reading. You can actually gain insight as to what makes many high profile emerging companies successful and what cuts More >

GM Sora's Blog (Shadow Guru): Click on image to view full website.

Project: Shadow Guru (GM Sora’s Blog)


PROJECT NAME: Shadow Guru’s RODiary URL: http://www.rodiary.com/?shadowguru SINCE: February 25, 2005

GM Sora’s Blog (Shadow Guru): Click on image to view full website.

This was my second RO Diary, also a personal endeavor like the first, even though this one was related to my job. Unlike the first, which was based on my personal Ragnarok Online account’s in-game characters, this one was based on my GM (Game Master) character Sora. GM Sora was known originally as GM Soraneko in Sakray Server, More >

H-Angels Profile Page

Project: H-Angels Ragnarok Online Diary


PROJECT NAME: H-Angels RODiary URL: http://www.rodiary.com/?h-angels SINCE: April 21, 2004

H-Angels Profile Page: Click image to view website.

I suppose I should thank my addiction to Ragnarok Online for the chance to work for Level Up! Inc., the official licensee of Ragnarok Online in the Philippines. It was because of my addiction to the game, and a Hentai Neko fan’s friendship, that got me picked for the first batch of official bug testers. After that bug testing episode, I later applied for More >

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