Student Project: Infantri


PROJECT NAME: Infantri (Capstone/Thesis) ROLE: Capstone Adviser TEAM: Knuckle Sandwich Studios INSTITUTION: De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde MEMBERS: Gabriel Bermejo, Angelo Bernabe, Gerald Dwyne, Mark Hitosis, Joey Illejay, Elmer Nocon, Rowell Nono, Salvador Marzan, Gian Savellano, Arric Tan FINALIST: Philippine Game Development Festival Thesis Category 2013

Team Knuckle Sandwich Studios

They were probably the only people in their batch that I ever handled, as I came in during the year More >


Student Project: Project Butterflies


PROJECT NAME: Project Butterflies (Capstone/Thesis) ROLE: Capstone Adviser TEAM: Miracle Games (credits at the very bottom) INSTITUTION: De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde NOTE: Click the images to enlarge.

Whenever my students defend their thesis/capstone projects, it makes me ever so thankful that I have not returned to mainstream game development. Seriously, I have half a mind to hard sell my books just so I can afford to publish their games myself. This level of satisfaction and sense More >


Student Project: Echo


PROJECT NAME: Echo (Capstone/Thesis) ROLE: Capstone Adviser TEAM: Jambalaya INSTITUTION: De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde MEMBERS: Jaryd Alfonso Ramos, Joseph Angelo Roxas, Kevin Hallare, Michelle Danielle Joy Gojo, Rundellyn Rose Lugtu, Thaddeus Paul Brillantes

A two-year hiatus from the academe meant a two-year hiatus on my teaching portfolio, but being blessed with such hardworking students is such a boon upon returning.

Team Jambalaya

The team that called themselves Jambalaya had a More >

My typical week for the fourth quarter of 2013

So you want to work from home?


Some of my students asked for tips about climbing the corporate ladder but truth be told, I hate the corporate ladder. Every time I find myself getting promoted, I end up resigning shortly after — even from my best employers. I had been a work-from-home person for most of my career because I usually earn money from writing and doing art/tech when I find myself getting tired of the corporate world.

For 2013, my typical week is roughly:

  • Mondays: (At home) Prepare lectures for 3 hours + do game More >
Criselle Gokian Mid Terms (Plaincart) NOTE: That cat illustration is supposed to be me (according to the artist). Hee hee. It has over 100 layers. URL: 

Student Works: eCommerce

WEBDEV3: eCommerce

Of all the subjects I’ve ever taught, WEBDEV3, under the College of Saint Benilde – Multimedia Arts program, is my ultimate favorite. I think it shows. Hehehe.

These are the best websites my students have come up with when they were still taking up WEBDEV3 (ECOMERS).

Not all of them are here. Most of these sites were from the 2nd and 3rd term of the academic year 2007-2008. I would’ve loved to post the sites of the previous batches (namely: Bianca Lesaca, Patrick Dilla, More >

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